When Falling Is Better Than Winning

falling is better than winning

I know. I know. The Olympics are over, BUT, I had just one more pretty staggering revelation I wanted to share with you. 

As I mentioned before, I was blown away throughout the games seeing athletes give God all the glory as they were interviewed after receiving their respective medals:David Boudia, Steele Johnson, Maya DiRado, Simone Biles, Allyson Felix, Simone Manuel, Tamika Catchings, Michelle Carter, Brianna Rollins, and so many more (amazing, right!?!).

These athletes won a total of 22 medals – 13 of them gold!

Each of these athletes were given an opportunity either on air during their interviews or on their social media platforms to give God ALL the glory for their successes and victories.

But, there was another story that rang a little louder at this Olympics (No – not THAT one.) (more…)

What Ants Can Teach You About Being Healthy

teach you about being healthy

Yesterday I was picking a few cherry tomatoes from our garden and noticed something pretty strange I wanted to share with you.

It’s actually a pretty strong lesson I learned about being healthy.

Our garden (I should say – my husband’s garden) is an elevated bed made from railroad ties and carted in topsoil. As I stood on one of the ties, I looked into our yard – the horribly dry, brown, southern sun and heat- destroyed yard – and caught a glimpse of something on the ground moving about.


Quick and Easy Exercises for IT Band Syndrome

it band syndrome

Have you ever suffered with IT Band Syndrome? Do you know what it is? 

What is the IT Band? 

it band syndrome

from: Visual Body App

The iliotibial band (or IT Band) is an extremely thick band of tissue that begins on the side of your hip where the gluteus maximus and tensor fascia latae (TFL) (no – that’s not the newest coffee drink) come together.

They join forces to create a giant band of fascial tendon that runs along the outside of the thigh, attaches a little bit to the outside of the knee cap and then finally to the tibia, just below and to the right of the knee cap.  (more…)

Do You Really Know Where Your Identity Lies?

where your identity lies

I may or may not have mentioned already how much I love the Olympics.

So much excitement always surrounds them. And these games in Rio have not disappointed (other than the women’s soccer team losing – *sigh).

The USA is doing swimmingly (hehe) and winning tons of medals all around in what seems like almost every sport. But, even more than that, I’ve been so encouraged by the stories of how many of these athletes put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.


What Doesn’t Make You a Failure


I love the Olympics!

Anybody else out there with me? I absolutely love the Olympics.

To me, there’s just nothing else quite like seeing all those amazing athletes in one place. Such talent and giftedness combined with unimaginable amounts of hard work and dedication focused on only one goal – winning gold.

Most of them have committed more than the equivalent of a full-time job to their training for at least the past four years – if not even longer. Some consider these athletes almost perfect specimens of the human body. Fit, trim, and in the most amazing physical shape imaginable.

Here’s the thing, though.


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