Why What You Believe Really Matters

What do you believe about yourself?

That question has a lot more importance than you might think. In many areas of life, it is critical that you understand that what you believe really matters.

In this particular instance, I’m not speaking spiritually. Although, I firmly stand on the platform that what you believe about God and His Son Jesus Christ matters more than anything else. Anything.

I’m talking about what you believe about yourself in general.


Want to Know the Real Secret to Success?

So, do you want to know the real secret to success?

If you’re like me, you’ve read a lot of self-help books. You may have even studied successful people to see if you can glean some secret to success from their lives. Or perhaps, you listen to podcasts as you drive down the road.

I’ve done – and still do – all of these things.

But I found the real secret to success somewhere else.


Why a Dead Battery Should Really Matter to You

Have you ever had dead battery on your car?

Well, we’ve had a little experience with that lately. My husband has a truck that we don’t drive very often. It’s not as fuel efficient as our cars, so we primarily drive those to work.

Over the past several months, we’ve had some trouble with a dead battery and the truck not starting. So, we jump it off or charge the battery, and it’s fine for a while. We actually had the battery replaced a year or so ago because it got so dead it wouldn’t work at all. (I feel that way sometimes.)

So, what was the problem?


When You See What You Seek

I love watching hummingbirds feed right outside our kitchen window.

A few years ago, my husband and I bought a couple of feeders and attached a hangar to our back porch railing. So, now we have a very clear view of both feeders when we look through the window.

Seeing those little things with their wings flapping a hundred miles-per-hour really brings a smile to my face. (It’s actually 53 beats per second. I couldn’t help but look it up.) And, I also kind of enjoy watching them dive-bomb each other to get the best spot.

But, I learned something about hummingbirds.


Two Options When You Are Not Happy

Have you ever been in a situation that didn’t quite turn out how you thought it should?

Last week, my husband and I went away for a long weekend. We rented this super cute, tiny cabin on a beautifully clear lake in the mountains of Tennessee (aka “God’s country”).

It was perfect . . . almost.