When You Should Measure Your Life Based on Social Media

social media

Do you enjoy keeping up with things on social media? 

You like to see what your friends are up to on Facebook. You find it amazing how witty some folks can be on Twitter with only 140 characters. Instagram – check out that awesome filter? Right?!?

I enjoy most parts of social media myself. Many of my friends live far away from me, so posts about their families, lives, and vacations are the most I get to interact with them. I enjoy seeing what God is doing in their lives and in the lives of their families.


Why This iPhone Bike Mount Is the Solution You Need

iPhone bike mount

Are you a cyclist of some sort? Are you looking for a iPhone bike mount (or any other brand of phone)?

Riding bikes is one of my favorite things. Maybe it reminds me of being a kid. Maybe I just enjoy the ability to get my workout in for the day by doing something other than running.

Do you enjoy the feeling being on the road, shooting for fast average speeds? Riding the trails, dodging roots and rocks at seemingly every twist and turn? Or just spending your time on a nice, safe, easy-going greenway? (more…)

When You Should Really Buy New Jeans

buy new jeans

About 2 years ago my husband lost 40 pounds.

He was crazy determined (the monetary prize didn’t hurt), and he had decided that it was time to be healthier. It was time to take charge of his body and make it obedient to him instead of the other way around.

The funny thing was – nobody even noticed he had lost any weight until he was down 25 pounds. I think part of that was because we didn’t buy him any new clothes until then either.

I was pondering on that time the other day, and it made me think.

Why did we wait until he had lost the weight to buy new jeans?


Do Something About Stress Right Now – Really!

do something about stress

Do you ever deal with stress? Are you dealing with stress now? 

I bet if I asked for a virtual “show-of-hands” to answer those questions, every single one of you would have your arms raised to the sky – maybe even both of them.

I know from time to time stress can seem so heavy it feels like you can’t even muster the energy to raise your hands in agreement.

You are not alone!


You Know What to Do! Why Won’t You Just Do It?

why won't you just do it

When we first got our cat, she liked to stretch her claws out on the corner of our couch. 

To correct that, we bought a little scratching post and placed it nearby. So every time she would start to scratch on the couch, I would grab her front legs and move her about a foot away to her post – then give her a little treat.

Sometimes now she will start to scratch the couch, and when I get close to her, she stops – moves to the scratching post – and then scratches away.

She did this the other day, and my response was, “Bootsie! You know what you’re supposed to do! Why won’t you just do it?”

Then I froze in my tracks!


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