reaching the finish line

If you’re like me, you have this long list of things you’ve always really wanted to do but just never seemed to be able to.

Some things may be lofty aspirations you came up with before you knew better.

If I just HAD to come up with a few examples, maybe something like: own every Nintendo game ever made (Yes, I’m THAT old.), play soccer on the US Women’s National Team, or be the onstage star of a musical production (I’m not even the star when I’m alone in my car.)

But other things just SEEM unreachable but really are right within your grasp.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a half marathon, compete in a triathlon, or heck – just walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like you’re going to pass out.

Or maybe you have other goals: stop eating fried foods, be debt free, have a better marriage.

Whatever your goal is, I want you to hear something today –

Almost anything is possible if you know how to achieve it.

The problem is that too much of the time, we have the spark of an idea flicker in our brains with something we’d like to do, but we stop and give up before it even has a chance to catch fire.

We immediately start listening to all those voices telling us why it’s not possible and extinguish the faint glow.

As a matter of fact, chances are you’ve only achieved about 10-25% of the ideas you’ve ever had!

Let that sink in for a minute. Think of all the things you have on your mental “goals and dreams” list right now. What if you only achieved 10% of those?

That’d be a pretty big bummer, right?

Well, the great news is that you can do something to change that! You can start something right now to bump that 10% up to 95%!!!!

What if you could actually achieve 95% of the things in your “goals and dreams” list? What an amazing future that would be, right?

Here you go:

5 Easy Steps to Reaching the Finish Line

1. Decide you want to achieve something.

I know that sounds pretty obvious, but how many times have you gotten a great idea only to forget all about it by the next day? So, the first step is to really decide that it’s something you want to strive for.

2. Set a goal.

We’ve talked about this before, but make sure it is SMART

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time Sensitive

“I want to be healthier is NOT a goal.” What does “being healthier” look like – specifically?

Maybe “I will complete a half marathon by September 10th, 2016.”

3. Make a plan.

Goals are all well and good, but you need a plan to get there. You don’t set out on a trip to California without a map or a good set of directions.

So, HOW are you going to be able to run your half marathon? Be debt free? Go upstairs without losing your breath?

This is where you might need a coach: life coach, personal trainer, financial advisor, marriage coach, etc.

4. Tell someone else.

I don’t mean just flippantly mention you have a goal, but make a commitment to another person that you ARE going to achieve this goal.

5. Schedule an accountability appointment.

Each step of the way, give someone permission to hold you accountable.

If you want to be debt free, give someone permission to ask you hard questions about your spending and saving.

If you want to run a half marathon, keep a log of your training miles you share with your accountability partner.

Research has shown that if you take an idea, go through this progression, and reach the point where you have a specific accountability appointment with someone else that is focused on doing your plan and reaching your goal, everything changes –

You will then have a 95% probability you will reach the finish line!

So, what do you think? Want to give it a shot? What do you have to lose, right?

You’re possibly shifting your future from a 90% “chance you won’t,” to a 95% “chance you will.”

Sounds pretty awesome to me!

I need to go make a few goals, plans, and appointments of my own!

Let’s Get FIT Together!