Want to Win a FREE Copy of This New Bible Study?

bible study

Ladies, if you’re looking for a new Bible study, I have something for you to check out. 

The Women of Faith have developed a new 3-part Bible study that is power packed and full of the helpful insights you’re probably looking for.

The three books are, Praying With Power, Building Your Strengths, and the one I completed –

Giving God Your Future


Win a FREE COPY of 66 Ways God Loves You!

66 ways god loves you

Have you ever questioned if God really loves you?

I’m sure you – like me – have heard all your life that God loves you. As a matter of fact, I’m sure you know that God loved the world so much he sent His only Son to die for us, right? At least that’s what you’ve probably heard your whole life if you grew up in church (or the South).

But do you ever find yourself questioning that?

Have you ever looked around you at your circumstances and thought,

“Does God really love me?”


Road ID – The Easiest Way to Carry ID When You Exercise

 carry id

Do you typically carry ID with you when you run, bike, swim, hike, walk, etc?

I would think that a vast majority of people would say they don’t like carrying things when they run. I know I’m not particularly fond of holding things in my hands while I jog down the road.

And, I can’t say it’s ever occurred to me to bring ID with me when I’m hiking or going for a walk. (more…)

Why This iPhone Bike Mount Is the Solution You Need

iPhone bike mount

Are you a cyclist of some sort? Are you looking for a iPhone bike mount (or any other brand of phone)?

Riding bikes is one of my favorite things. Maybe it reminds me of being a kid. Maybe I just enjoy the ability to get my workout in for the day by doing something other than running.

Do you enjoy the feeling being on the road, shooting for fast average speeds? Riding the trails, dodging roots and rocks at seemingly every twist and turn? Or just spending your time on a nice, safe, easy-going greenway? (more…)

Why You Need an Electric Pressure Cooker

electric pressure cooker

This month I want to review one of my favorite gadgets I have in my kitchen. My husband bought it for me a few Christmases ago, and I absolutely love it.

The InstantPot IP-Duo is why you need an electric pressure cooker!


The Best Protein Powder You Can Buy

best protein powder

It’s time for my monthly product review, and I decided to do something a little different this month.

People ask me all the time about what the best protein powder you can buy is.

My first response is that I usually tell them the one I have bought and use in various things like my Natural Recover Drink. but sadly I couldn’t really remember why I picked the one I did.