How to NOT Let Low Back Pain Stop You

Do you suffer from back pain? Does it keep you from doing or just enjoying doing some of the things you love? 

Well, hopefully I can help you with that!

Several months ago I shared 8 Exercises for Low Back Pain. Now, those are a fabulous start. Many of them are exercises that I prescribe almost daily for my physical therapy patients to perform as part of their home exercise program.

But, one thing is missing.


Quick and Easy Exercises for IT Band Syndrome

it band syndrome

Have you ever suffered with IT Band Syndrome? Do you know what it is? 

What is the IT Band? 

it band syndrome

from: Visual Body App

The iliotibial band (or IT Band) is an extremely thick band of tissue that begins on the side of your hip where the gluteus maximus and tensor fascia latae (TFL) (no – that’s not the newest coffee drink) come together.

They join forces to create a giant band of fascial tendon that runs along the outside of the thigh, attaches a little bit to the outside of the knee cap and then finally to the tibia, just below and to the right of the knee cap.  (more…)

Do Something About Stress Right Now – Really!

do something about stress

Do you ever deal with stress? Are you dealing with stress now? 

I bet if I asked for a virtual “show-of-hands” to answer those questions, every single one of you would have your arms raised to the sky – maybe even both of them.

I know from time to time stress can seem so heavy it feels like you can’t even muster the energy to raise your hands in agreement.

You are not alone!


The Most Important Stretch You Aren’t Doing

 stretch you aren't doing

Do you typically stretch as part of your daily wellness routine? 

Do you have a dynamic warmup? Or maybe a static stretching program? After a good run, you maybe throw your leg up on a wall or your car bumper and get those hamstrings stretched out a little?

Well, regardless of what you may or may not be doing in terms of stretching, I wanted to talk about the most important stretch you aren’t doing.


How to Most Effectively Warm Up Like the Pros

dynamic warmup

I know you love a good workout! I do, too!

But, if you want to learn how to make every workout more effective, then you need to learn how to most effectively warm up like the pros!

The best way warm up like the pros is to include a dynamic warmup into your workout routine.

What in the world is a dynamic warmup?


How to Get Rid of Shin Splints for Good

get rid of shin splints

Have you ever experienced pain along the inside of your lower leg that just seemed to get worse every time you tried to run?

If so, you would probably love to know how to get rid of shin splints for good!

So, what are shin splints anyway?