Do You Want to be Free of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome

So this time of year is when we all start getting stuck inside.

It’s too cold out. The rain just won’t stop.

And why in the heck is it dark all the time?!?!?


Virtually Rid Yourself of Tension Headaches with These 7 Exercises

You’ve been there…you’re sitting at a computer and you start to feel that little pulling in your neck and shoulder. You shift around a little, but it only gets worse.

Then the headache starts.

You feel it first at the back of your skull, then it radiates to the top of your head.

Sometimes it even feels like your hair is hurting!

At times headaches can be caused by migraines or something even more serious, but often headaches are caused by muscle tension. When the muscles around your neck become tight, they pull on their attachments on your cervical vertebrae or your skull.


What Do You Do About Knee Pain?

So maybe you’ve been running, doing an HIIT or kettle bell class, or maybe you’ve gotten into cross fit, and now your knee hurts.

What do you do about knee pain?

I’m so glad you asked!

The causes of knee pain can be quite varied and range from poor ankle/foot mechanics, wearing the wrong shoes, and performing exercises incorrectly to just plain old muscle imbalances.


5 Exercises to Help You Be Foot Pain Free!

5 Exercises to help you be foot pain free One of the number one questions I get asked by athletes, but especially runners is,

How can I be foot pain free?”

Foot pain, especially along the arch, is often caused by a condition called plantar fasciitis.┬áThis occurs when the fascia – a sheet a connective tissue – covering the muscles in your arch, becomes inflamed and irritated, often leading to tightness and pain.

Most often, the pain is super intense when you first get out of bed in the morning and when you try to (more…)

Can You Knock Out Neck Pain With Only 7 Exercises?

Neck painDo you suffer from nagging neck pain?

Especially if your day has been stressful or busier than normal?

As a physical therapist, I treat patients with neck pain almost every day. Neck pain can have many causes, from bulging discs and degenerative joint issues to poor posture and muscle imbalance.

The technological trend isn’t helping either.

Studies showlooking down at cell phones significant changes in neck posture and (more…)

8 Exercises for Low Back Pain

8 Exercises for low back painLow back pain (LBP) is one of the most common health problems people deal with. Studies show LBP can lead to loss of wages, avoiding hobbies, or limiting activity in general. Although LBP can be caused from a variety of things from arthritis and disc herniation to something as simple as muscular tightness, there are a few exercises that can benefit a vast array of these conditions.

Injuries do not have a “One size fits all” solution, but every little bit can help decrease symptoms. In general, the best place to start for helping decrease LBP is to create a proper muscle balance in the back, core, and lower body. Tight muscles need to be stretched, and weak muscles need to be strengthened.