When a Change of Plans Is the Best Option

change of plans

Have you ever had something not work out at all like you planned? 

One of those times where a complete change of plans is warranted? I’d say that more times than not that’s the case in my world, and last weekend was no exception.

Last weekend I went away on my annual hiking trip with some super awesome ladies I’ve known for a very long time. This yearly trip is a chance to get away and enjoy some great conversations, delicious food, and to bask in all the beauty of God’s creation. (more…)

When It’s Not Good to Just Deal With It

deal with it

“Just deal with it!”

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve heard that a few times in your own life.

Sometimes it’s from very well-meaning folks, trying to help you move past something difficult. And, then sometimes those words are spoken by people who have their own interests in the forefront of their minds.

Either way, that phrase has been uttered so often that most of us have adopted it as a way of life.


Why Easy Is Actually Pretty Terrible


Don’t you wish everything you wanted in life came easy?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just think about something you’d like to see, experience, or accomplish, and – POOF! – there it is? (Not to be confused with “Whoomp – There It Is.”)

How wonderful would it be if you could set a goal and within just a few short weeks – or even days – that goal had been achieved!

It would actually be pretty horrible.


How You Can Win as the Tortoise AND the Hare

Do you remember those New Year’s Resolutions you set?

Wait. Is that a touchy subject for you? Have your resolutions somehow managed to fall by the wayside?

Sure you had great intentions when you set them, but “things happened,” right?

Well, if that’s the boat you’re in, you ain’t sailing alone!


What Jellybeans and Monkeys Have to do With Jesus

 jellybeans and monkeys

Have you ever wondered what jellybeans have to do with Jesus? 

With Easter being this past weekend, I (unfortunately) had my fair share – and maybe your fair share, too – of jellybeans. Not just any jellybeans, but the Starburst ones. Those things are crazy good.

Well, someone had brought a very large bag of those things to work, so we all dug in.

There was just one problem with that colorful bag of deliciousness.


What If Genetics Aren’t as Important as You Think?


What’s one thing you’ve inherited from a family member? 

Maybe you inherited your blue eyes from your grandfather. Or, perhaps it’s your short legs from your mom or your ability to curl your tongue from Uncle Bobby.

You may be super proud of whatever it is and love the fact that it connects you forever to someone you love and look up to.

But, maybe someone ahead of you in time shared something you wish they hadn’t. 


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