This Easy Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie Is to Die For!

pumpkin cream cheese pie

Welcome to fall!

Fall means lots of things where I come from. Football (and soccer for me), orange and yellow leaves, bonfires, and hoodies!


This year I’ve seen everything from the ever-anticipated pumpkin spice latte to pumpkin Cheerios (who knew?). I must admit that I, too, am a fan of the pumpkin. (more…)

Easy No-Flour Banana Peanut Butter Cake

banana peanut butter cake

I know it’s time for all the food of the land to play Cinderella’s carriage and turn into pumpkin, but I’ll reserve that recipe for next month. 

This recipe for No-Flour Banana Cake comes from one of my all-time favorite blogs –

I was impressed at how quick and easy it was to make.

And even more impressed at how moist it is!


Healthy No Bake Cookies That Will Blow Your Mind

healthy no bake cookies

I don’t know where you’re from, but down here in the South, there is a divine decadence that makes an appearance at every church homecoming, pot-luck dinner, and family gathering.

Different people call them by different names – cow patties, preacher cookies, or just plain old no bake cookies – but regardless…

I call them UH-MAZING!


Coconut Milk Snow Cream

Snow CreamI don’t know where you are, but we got about 6 inches of beautiful snow last night. I realize if you’re north of the Mason-Dixon line, you’ve seen enough snow this year for a lifetime. Down here, we get tired of it pretty fast. We love to see it come but we love even more to see it go. I decided today, as I sat on my comfy couch, enjoying my Coconut Caramel Crunch coffee, (more…)