Why This iPhone Bike Mount Is the Solution You Need

iPhone bike mount

Are you a cyclist of some sort? Are you looking for a iPhone bike mount (or any other brand of phone)?

Riding bikes is one of my favorite things. Maybe it reminds me of being a kid. Maybe I just enjoy the ability to get my workout in for the day by doing something other than running.

Do you enjoy the feeling being on the road, shooting for fast average speeds? Riding the trails, dodging roots and rocks at seemingly every twist and turn? Or just spending your time on a nice, safe, easy-going greenway? (more…)

How to Put on the Best Gear Ever – The Armor of God

 armor of god

This month’s Gear Review is going to be about something just a little bit different than our typical topics. 

I’ve told you about some of my favorite gear in the past – like my Garmin Vivoactive, the best protein powder, and the Nutri-Ninja Pro. But this month I’m going to share a completely different type of gear.

Here at adrianjessen.com and FIT for Service, I’m not just concerned about your physical health and strength, but I also want to help you become the spiritual powerhouse God intended for your to become.

That’s why this month I want to share an awesome Bible study I’ve been doing with a good friend of mine – (more…)

How to HIIT Like the Experts

how to hiit like the experts

It’s no secret I love me some HIIT!

If you aren’t exactly sure what HIIT is, check out So You Want to Know About HIIT.

Once you’re sold on the amazing benefits of HIIT and you’re on board to give it a go yourself, what do you?

How do you HIIT like the experts? 


New Year New You 2016!

New year new you header for post

In case you missed Your Chance to Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever on Monday, I wanted to give you the direct link to register for New Year New You 2016 again!

You can register at newyearnewyouconference.eventbrite.com


The Secret to No More Blisters!

It’s gear review time again.

This is one of my favorite weeks of the month, because I love to share with you stuff that I found that works great, feels great, tastes great, etc.!

For this week, I want to talk about socks.

I know – try to contain the excitement!


The Only Water Bottle You Need!

HydroflaskIt’s time for another gear review, and I am super excited about this one!

Have you ever been hiking, and halfway through your hike, your water is no longer cold, and your back is soaked  from the Nalgene sweat?

Or, have you finished a run or a workout and gotten back in your car to a hot bottle of water? Not very refreshing, right?

Well, here is the only water bottle you need! I realize this totally sounds like an infomercial, but I have (more…)