Can Killer Shoulders Really Be THIS Easy?

can killer shoulders really be this easyEver dreamed of having amazing shoulders?

Ever put on that sleeveless shirt, and thought, “What I wouldn’t give for some Madonna delts right now!”

Today is your lucky day. I want to teach you 8 exercises to help you get those awesome shoulders.

“Only 8 exercises!?! Can killer shoulders really be THIS easy?” you might ask.

Well, these 8 exercises are a fabulous start. They work all the major components of the shoulder, (more…)

#1 Rule of Fitness

In my HIIT class I teach each week, I have one major rule. I call it my “#1 Rule of Fitness,” and it’s pretty simple.

YOU are responsible for your own safety!

What that means is this: the instructor should be paying attention and try to correct any malalignments or issues that may be of concern in regards to performing the exercises correctly; however, YOU are ultimately responsible for deciding if an exercise is safe for you. (more…)

8-Minute Butt Kicker Routine!

Butt kicker routine

Photo credit: Syda Productions

If you’ve been looking for a workout that will literally (insert Chris Traeger voice here) kick your butt but won’t take forever, look no more!

Here is a totally awesome 8-Minute Butt Kicker Routine that will certainly do the trick!

People are always asking me how to focus on their hips and thighs. Granted, you can’t really “spot reduce,” (that’s a whole different blog) BUT you can still take this opportunity to strengthen and tone those problem areas.

Strong hips and thighs = stronger core = healthier you!  BOOM!


Why You Should & Shouldn’t Do Burpees

Burpee or Not facebookMonday began our March challenge – 30 Days of Burpees!

It sounds harder than it is…or maybe not, but YOU CAN DO IT!

I decided to do a little research to share the benefits and concerns about our favorite burpees! Here is a reminder in case you missed it Monday: (more…)