Do you think it’s important to get the trophy?

Before you give up on this post, I assure you it is not a spirited diatribe on my opinions about everybody getting a trophy just for showing up.

I’ll spare you my thoughts on that subject. 

Instead I want you to really think –  how important is it to you to get the trophy?

What I mean is – how much value do you place on actually winning – achieving the exact goal you set out to achieve?

I’m not talking about winning a sporting event. No one plays a game to “learn” – practice is for learning. You play a game to win. I’m talking about life.

In life, what happens if you don’t get the trophy?

I love to set goals. I encourage everyone to set goals.

After all, you’ll miss the target every time if you don’t know what you’re aiming for. As a matter of fact, research shows you probably won’t even bother to shoot the arrow if you don’t have a goal.

But, here’s where my problem comes – we often get a bit too focused on reaching THAT goal. On getting the trophy.

And, too frequently, if we feel like we can’t reach the exact goal we set for ourselves, we give up.

Think of it this way –

Have you ever set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight? You set benchmarks for how many pounds you wanted to lose per week and per month so in a year, you’d reach that goal.

But, then maybe several weeks into your plan you discovered you weren’t reaching those benchmarks. It seemed that you wouldn’t be able to achieve your yearly goal, so you just quit. You stopped working out. Eating healthier went totally out the window.

If you couldn’t reach your exact goal, you gave up.

Maybe you’d start back “next month.”

There is a pretty big problem with that line of thinking.

Very often, something is better than nothing.

Your goal by the end of the year may be to lose a certain amount of weight, have 3 outstanding debts paid off, or be able to subjectively rate your marriage at a 8/10 instead of a 5/10. Those are all awesome goals. But remember –

Something is better than nothing.

Maybe you won’t lose 60 pounds by Christmas, but 30 sure is better than zero!

Perhaps you only get 2 debts paid off because an unexpected expense came up. Step back and see how amazing that is!!!

Or maybe you’re marriage isn’t quite an 8/10 yet, but you’d give it a solid 6.5 now.

Celebrate the victories!

When I was a kid, I absolutely hated road trips. I loathed sitting in a car for what felt like forever. My parents suffered the typical incessant “Are we there yet?” over and over.

My dad used to always say, “We’re closer than we were!” That drove me crazy, but there is great value in that wisdom.

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Keep driving, keep doing what’s right, and keep working hard.

Paul tells us,

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” – Galatians 6:9 (NIV)

Don’t give up. Now, maybe you still won’t get THE “trophy.”

You may work really hard and never achieve the exact goal you set for yourself. There are times when that’s perfectly okay.

You may just need to adjust your goals. 

Sometimes you need to keep pressing on and use some grit to get where you want to get. Other times you need to step back and determine if you need to change course.

That takes some prayer, wise counsel, and discernment. And only you can decide.

So, how important is it that you get trophy?

That’s up to you to decide.

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