How Important Is It to Get the Trophy?

Do you think it’s important to get the trophy?

Before you give up on this post, I assure you it is not a spirited diatribe on my opinions about everybody getting a trophy just for showing up.

I’ll spare you my thoughts on that subject. 

Instead I want you to really think –  how important is it to you to get the trophy?


Why Fit In When You Are Meant for More?

Do you find yourself trying really hard to fit in? 

Maybe it’s at work. You dress just the right way so other people don’t really notice you. Perhaps it’s in your friend group. Sometimes you find yourself watching the same shows or reading the same books so they don’t notice you’re different.

Unfortunately it could even be at your church. You smile and put on that happy face. Shake hands and give hugs, when you’re really struggling with a few things and working out some others.

So why do we try so hard to fit in?


Why You Need the Right Tools to Succeed

right tools

What do you want to accomplish or achieve? 

As I often talk about on this blog, every one of us has something we’d like to see changed, and I believe that change is possible.

Last week we discussed that one huge component of realizing the change you want is having hope that change is possible and believing that YOU CAN have a direct impact on your own life.

Both of those things still hold true, but today I want you think about one more huge factor… (more…)

Can You Really Change Your Life?

Have you ever wanted to change your life?

Maybe that sounds a bit dramatic, so let me rephrase. Have you ever wanted to change something about your life? I’d venture to guess that just about every one of us would say we have. Otherwise, we’ve pretty much given up.

Now the next question is – do you want to change your life now?  (more…)

When a Change of Plans Is the Best Option

Have you ever had something not work out at all like you planned? 

One of those times where a complete change of plans is warranted? I’d say that more times than not that’s the case in my world, and last weekend was no exception.

Last weekend I went away on my annual hiking trip with some super awesome ladies I’ve known for a very long time. This yearly trip is a chance to get away and enjoy some great conversations, delicious food, and to bask in all the beauty of God’s creation. (more…)