The secret to smooth smoothies

You’ve tried to make smoothies yourself. You’ve seen all the cool recipes and heard about how healthy they are…

But your smoothies always come out all clumpy and thick and hard to drink, right?

Want to know the secret to smooth smoothies?

When we first started making smoothies, we had that same problem until we bought our Nutri Ninja Pro!

Now I know there are many other great options for smoothie making, including the quite pricey Vitamix Pro 750 that you see in a lot of coffee shops and smoothie bars.

Ninja has also made a newer version that has 1000 Watts of power instead of 900, but since I have the Nutri Ninja Pro , that’s the one I’m going to tell you about!

We love this thing!

My husband uses our Nutri Ninja Pro to make my Awesome Blueberry Almond Smoothie and Strawberry Almond Smoothie recipes for breakfast several times a week.

There’s a lot of stuff I love about the Nutri Ninja Pro, but here are some of my favorite!

My 4 favorite things about the Nutri Ninja Pro

1.  It’s pretty doggone powerful. 

I don’t know that we’ve ever had any problems with food not blending well. The only small hiccups occur if we don’t add quite enough liquid. In that case, we just added a little more – no problems.

2.  It’sthe secret to smooth smoothies super easy to use.

To make our smoothies, we just put the ingredients in the cup that comes with it, screw the blade on, place it in the Ninja Pro and press down. We pulse it a little to make sure all the more solid bits get blended, but other than that – easy peasy lemon squeezy!

the secret to smooth smoothies

3.  It’s pretty easy to clean up as well. 

Once you finish blending, you just unscrew the blade lid and screw on the drinking lid. Pop the top and enjoy. Then unscrew the lid and wash it off. I’m pretty sure it’s dishwasher safe (can’t promise that), but we just wash ours in the sink.

The blade is pretty easy to clean, too. Just wash like normal, but be careful – it’s sharp. 

The instructions also say that if you want a really thorough cleaning of the blade to put some dish soap and water in the cup, screw the blade on, and run it just like you’re making a smoothie!


I’ve used the Nutri Ninja Pro to make a lot of other things!

The Nutri Ninja works perfectly for dips and spreads, too! Check out the Sun-Dried Tomato Dip and the Perfect (No-Cheese) Cheese Dip recipes.

It also does a fabulous job with the Super Delicious Black Bean Soup Recipe!

Basically, if you want something blended until smooth, the Nutri Ninja Pro is your answer!

And, what’s even better is that because Ninja has the newer version, the version I have just keeps getting less and less expensive!

If you have a Nutri Ninja Pro or another blender you really like, let me know which one it is! 

If you get a Nutri Ninja Pro and try it out, let me know what you think!

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