pumpkin cream cheese pie

Welcome to fall!

Fall means lots of things where I come from. Football (and soccer for me), orange and yellow leaves, bonfires, and hoodies!


This year I’ve seen everything from the ever-anticipated pumpkin spice latte to pumpkin Cheerios (who knew?). I must admit that I, too, am a fan of the pumpkin.

In fact, my favorite pumpkin snacks are pumpkin roll (if anyone would like to bring me one) and pumpkin pies with cream cheese!!!

While searching for a recipe to share with you this November, I found this amazing-sounding one from the Frugal Farm Wife. 

This Easy Pumpkin Cream Cheese Pie sounds absolutely divine!

pumpkin cream cheese pie

used with permission from frugalfarmwife.com

Just so you know, I wouldn’t be totally against someone making this yummy dessert and bringing it my way either. Just kidding. No, really, I’m not. 

Although this recipe DOES have 1.5 cups of sugar, I think it just might be worth it.

You could probably also try some modifications like using a blend of sugar and Stevia. You can also avoid making your own crust and just buy a prepared graham cracker crust.

Visit this link HERE to see the full recipe!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

In addition to other delicious recipes like this one, on Elise’s blog, you can find all sorts of great things like info about homesteading and simple DIY projects. If you’re interested, take a few minutes to click over to frugalfarmwife.com and check it out.

So enjoy recipe, and enjoy this fall! And, enjoy PUMPKIN OVERLOAD while it’s here!

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[all photos used with permission of frugalfarmwife.com]