Want an Easy way to be healthier now

Many of you have told me that you want to “be healthier” and “have a better relationship with God,” but you’re just not sure how to do it.

Do you want an easy way to be healthier now?

I have some good news for you!

My friend Rachel Britton has created a plan that will help you do both. Check out her guest post below and get excited about joining the Prayer Zone Workout Challenge!!!


I’m going to start exercising…soon

I want to pray more often and more deeply, but…

Our New Year’s resolutions to get in shape both physically and spiritually often fall short. We begin with enthusiasm, but find it difficult to stay committed.

Most of us long to be healthier in mind, body and soul.

I was one of these people and I needed a solution.

For me, it was easier to exercise than pray. I would steer clear of prayer, whether personal or in a group. Gradually, though, God showed me I should make prayer a bigger part of my life. Eventually, I had a yearning to learn how to pray better.

I knew I had to carve out time in my life for prayer, and I needed to exercise for my physical health, but I didn’t have time to do both well. So, I decided to combine both activities using a structure to keep me motivated, and Prayer Zone Workout was birthed.

I want to encourage and provide a way for busy people who find prayer difficult, and who feel the same way about physical exercise, to be successful in both activities.

I invite you to join the 10-day mini challenge based on my book Prayer Zone Workout. It is an accessible path to being fitter, calmer, and more centered, and to make the disciplines of prayer and exercise healthy habits in your life.

Prayer may be our spiritual exercise, and walking, running or the exercise bike is our physical exercise, but experts tell us these two disciplines are not only good for our souls and bodies; they’re good for our emotional health, too.

Prayer and exercise make us less stressed, which can then lower blood pressure and bring other health benefits.

Isn’t it amazing how God has designed our physical, emotional, and spiritual health to be interconnected? So, when we use our bodies in prayer, we are practicing whole health.

By joining the challenge starting January 18, 2016, you will receive:

  • A free ecopy of my book, Prayer Zone Workout.
  • 10 daily challenge emails sent to your inbox with a short reading assignment, a prayer prompt, videos, and an exercise plan for the day.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for encouragement, accountability and discussion. Research has found it’s easier to stay committed to a task in community so although the Facebook group is optional, I highly recommend it.
  • The Prayer Zone Workout app for iPhone and Android with directed prayer exercises to use while you workout.

Everything you need to do Want an easy way to be healthier nowthe challenge is free, except a good pair of walking shoes!

I pray you will join us for this challenge and learn how to have meaningful heart conversations with God through prayer while taking steps to a healthier life. Click to sign up here.

Please note: Hard copies of Prayer Zone Workout are available for purchase on Amazon if you prefer that format, but are not required.

I’ll look forward to seeing you on the challenge! Until then, check out this post:

The Top 5 Ways to Prepare for the Prayer Zone Workout Challenge


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