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Ladies, if you’re looking for a new Bible study, I have something for you to check out. 

The Women of Faith have developed a new 3-part Bible study that is power packed and full of the helpful insights you’re probably looking for.

The three books are, Praying With Power, Building Your Strengths, and the one I completed –

Giving God Your Future

For me, I am a doer. I constantly struggle with trying to rush God along because He clearly must not understand how dyer the situation is and that whatever I want to happen MUST happen now! Right?

Does this sound like you at all? 

Well, when I read the title – Giving God Your Future – and was given the opportunity to review this book, I knew it was certainly for me.

After all, letting go of my future and completely leaving it in God’s hands is a definite battle for me. 

If you can relate, you should definitely consider getting a group together to study this book.

The “leader guide” is right there in the back of each book, so you don’t have to buy anything extra! Once each member has their own book, you’re ready to go! Give it a chance and see you think.

I, myself, found several things I enjoyed about Giving God Your Future.

First, each book is broken up into 12 lessons – one lesson completed each week for 12 weeks. This is great for us busy-types because each lesson only has about 6-8 questions, so it’s pretty easy to spread that out over a week’s time.

Second, I appreciated that the authors took you on a journey throughout the entire Bible to find answers to your questions (more on that later). 

Finally, each lesson also give you an opportunity to dig deeper beyond the exercises provided. They also provide a “trinket” from each week’s lesson to help you remember the key points.

In addition to the aspects of the study, I enjoyed, I also found a few things that weren’t quite the right fit for me.

So, for me, there were a few cons to the study as well. 

I’m a student at heart. I like to dig deep and really understand the content of something I’m studying. Peeling back the layers to figure out exactly what’s going on.

These books do it just a little differently. 

The Women of Faith Bible Study Series is great if you’re newer to studying the Bible and/or, digging in to the deeper layers of biblical soil isn’t really for you.

I prefer to take just a few scriptures and really study what they’re saying, what they mean, the context of what’s going on, and what all of that means in my life.

If you prefer to take one topic and then find multiple scriptures that help you understand that topic better…


The authors do a fantastic job of taking you on a journey through each subtopic. Then demonstrating the truths throughout scripture.

And, they seem to be able to read your mind and know what questions you might have next. 

As I mentioned, I did not complete the other two books, but I have some pretty amazing news for you!

When I was given these books to review, I was also given some copies to


If you’re looking for a new Bible study that doesn’t take up a great deal of time, can be done alone or with a group, and really focuses on how you can connect more with God and be a better person, let me know.

COMMENT BELOW and tell me which book – Praying With Power, Building Your Strengths, or Giving God Your Future – speaks to where you are right now. I will draw at random from the comments for the give away!!!!

I will be giving away a total of 5 books!

So, don’t miss your chance for something awesome!!!