Have you ever had something not work out at all like you planned? 

One of those times where a complete change of plans is warranted? I’d say that more times than not that’s the case in my world, and last weekend was no exception.

Last weekend I went away on my annual hiking trip with some super awesome ladies I’ve known for a very long time. This yearly trip is a chance to get away and enjoy some great conversations, delicious food, and to bask in all the beauty of God’s creation.

We usually somehow have the best weather ever for these trips – not so much this time. 

This year’s trip was to Townsend, Tennessee. That whole area is absolutely gorgeous and has some of the best hiking you can hope to do.

The plan was a 5-mile loop trail around an old town up in the mountains. They’re getting ready to tear down most of the cabins, so we wanted to see it before it was destroyed.

We knew we would only have a short window of time because rain was on it’s way. 

So, we headed out pretty early. First we wound our way up one of those typical mountain roads, climbing as we went. Only to find out the road was closed. Two nights before, 90 mph winds had knocked multiple trees down that were now covering tons of those mountain roads.

Back down we went.

Not to be defeated, we went another route. But…the sight of the bright orange safety cones blocking the road told us our fate

We weren’t making that trip today.

After finally accepting that our best laid plans had been thwarted, we opted for a change of plans.

At first we thought we were “settling” for another trail, but here’s where the life lesson comes into play. 

As with just about every trip into nature, God decided to help give me some perspective about how things somehow turn out in life, too.

See, sometimes in life we need to keep trudging along. We need to put our noses down and keep pushing forward, working toward our goals and fighting for what we know is best.

But, sometimes we need to recognize that another plan may be just as good. Possibly even better. 

The trail we finally settled on was a pretty quick 2-mile out-and-back (one mile each way). The trail was a little wet, and we had to cross a few downed limbs, but nothing major.

At the end of this trail – an absolutely gorgeous waterfall!

My friends had hiked this trail previously and said when they saw the falls before, they could only describe it as “a trickle.” Nothing real awe inspiring or breath taking.

That day was a different story.

We were blessed to see a pretty impressive falls – running full force – and gorgeous!

If we had been able to get to our other trail, we would have missed it. Sure, it would have been cool to see those old homes, but when God wants to show out, we’ve just got to let Him.

We’ve got to be willing to have an open mind sometimes and be ready for the other thing God may be trying to show us. 

Now, does every closed door – or closed road in our case – mean we need to give up on that goal, dream, or aspiration. Not always.

But, might it mean that we just need to take a little while to appreciate and enjoy something that could be better.

That’s always a possibility.

The prophet Isaiah put it this way,

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” – Isaiah 55:8

If you’re in the middle of something right now that seems like every route you take is another dead end. Maybe you need a change of plans. Perhaps you need to just look around and see what else might be there for you. Ask God to show you what you need to see.

You never know until you take a minute to stop and look down a different path. 

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