Don’t you wish everything you wanted in life came easy?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just think about something you’d like to see, experience, or accomplish, and – POOF! – there it is? (Not to be confused with “Whoomp – There It Is.”)

How wonderful would it be if you could set a goal and within just a few short weeks – or even days – that goal had been achieved!

It would actually be pretty horrible.

Now – hang on for just a second! Don’t go anywhere, and let me explain.

See, we say we would like for things to be easy, but I’m not completely sure that’s accurate at all. As a matter of fact, there are some pretty smart researchers who would say otherwise.

There’s a body of evidence about learned industriousness from Dr. Robert Eisenberger, that proves people like to work hard.

One particular study Dr. Eisenberger performed with rats is especially interesting. He had two groups of rats. He fed one group by throwing food pellets in their cages. The other group he fed by making them eat through holes in wire mesh.

Now, our first thought would be that the rats who just had to go eat the food that was sitting out had the “good life.” They didn’t have to work for their food.

The rats who had it easy would certainly be better off, right?

Um…wrong. What he actually found was, when given a challenging task, the rats who had to work for their food fared much better. The “good life” rats became lazy and complacent.

Wow! That’s a real eye opener. 

As much as I hate to admit it, it sounds like we’re a lot better off when we have to work hard and give some effort to attain what we want and to achieve what we’re working toward.

Otherwise, everything is too easy. We get lazy. And we give up way to early when the going gets tough.

So, what does that mean for you?

Well, if you’re like me, hopefully that information will help adjust your thinking a little bit. Maybe the next time things get difficult, you’ll have a different mindset.

When you look at your health goals and realize you haven’t lost as much weight as you wanted, you won’t give up. Perhaps you won’t look at having to spend $400 on new tires as a major setback and reason for giving up on your debt snowball.

Every setback, obstacle, or hurdle we have to overcome is hard.

As a matter of fact, they’re often no fun whatsoever. But…

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According to Dr. Eisenberger’s study, not having those challenges would make us lazy and complacent.

Think of where you’d be without the struggles you’ve overcome to this point!

Now…think of where you COULD be if you keep pressing on and pushing forward! Pretty exciting right?!?

I know I use this verse a lot, but there’s such wisdom in God’s word that worldly scientific evidence often supports. Take a moment to read it…

“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”  – Galatians 5:3-4

Paul knew a thing or two about suffering and working for what he believed in. He stood firm that “pressing on toward the goal” (Philippians 3:14) was totally worth it.

So, what about you?

What is it you wish was a lot easier? What are you tired of striving so hard to achieve?

Don’t give up. Stand on the words of Paul and know that working to overcome this current struggle will lead to hope. 

And hope can overcome just about anything!

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