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This month I want to review one of my favorite gadgets I have in my kitchen. My husband bought it for me a few Christmases ago, and I absolutely love it.

The InstantPot IP-Duo is why you need an electric pressure cooker!

electric pressure cookerI had seen it on an infomercial (imagine that), and when I saw it on Amazon, I was so excited. I never like to buy things from infomercials, but I buy just about everything from Amazon!

I was able to look at it there and see that the reviews were amazing (as of today – 4.5 stars with 8,249 reviews). And my husband found it on a Black Friday Deal!

Of course, I’m sure there are other electric pressure cookers that are equally as good and maybe even better, but the InstantPot Duo is the one I have.

Let me tell you why you need an electric pressure cooker.

First of all…

I never used a “regular” pressure cooker, but everyone I know who has mentions being worried about the dangers of your typical pressure cooker and visions of the lid flying off – becoming a missile-like projectile, threatening both life and limb.

The lid on the InstantPot Duo locks on tightly, and I’ve never had it even threaten to shake itself loose.


I love the ability to put my ingredients in, close the lid, push a few buttons, and let it go.

I can literally fix it and forget it until it’s finished as long as I follow the directions and recipe. Of course, because it IS a pressure cooker, you can’t exactly take the lid off and check on it regularly, or it will mess up the whole process; but, so far the results have been great.


electric pressure cookerOne word – quinoa. 

I use quinoa quite frequently now to replace more starchy carbs like rice and pasta, so making it perfectly is a must. I’ve share this Tasty Black Bean and Quinoa Salad Recipe with you before (It’s pretty yummy!)

Maybe I had a harder time than most, but when I tried to prepare quinoa on the stove, I failed – every time. Sometimes it was too dry, but more often than not, I never could seem to cook enough of the water out, and it ended up too wet.

In the electric pressure cooker – it cooks perfectly every time.!

I just put 2 parts chicken broth to 1 part dry quinoa, close the lid, set the timer for 10-12 minutes, and let it go. As easy as that, perfect quinoa.


You’ll have a lot of fun preparing other things like soups, stews, chili, potatoes, beans, and so much  more.

I haven’t cooked a lot of meat in mine, so I can’t speak adequately to how well that part of it works, but – again- the reviews seem to be quite promising.

There are a few things you should know before you use an electric pressure cooker, though.

Things take longer to cook than the timer says. Once you start the timer, the cooker has to pressure up to low or high pressure, depending on your setting. THEN, the cooking timer starts. And finally, the cooker also has to depressurize.

The InstantPot has a manual pressure release valve on top for quicker release. But, most recipes I’ve read tell you to let the pressure decrease on its own.

Also – make sure you follow the directions in terms of how much water/chicken broth to use when preparing foods. I burned a few potatoes the first time I tried to make them in the cooker.

Finally, check on your cooker when it’s finished pressuring up, to make sure the metal pressure indicator is all the way up. I tried to make a turkey breast in it when I first got it, but I didn’t seal it right. It took forever and was terribly because I didn’t get the lid on completely.

Alrighty – who’s in? 

If you already have an electric pressure cooker, tell me what you think below and share your favorite recipe.

Also, let me know how it goes if you decide to get your own!

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