better life

I ran across a very similar quote to this one the other day, and it really made me think about having a better life.

I began to ask myself a few questions about my life and about my goals. About where I am now and about where I want to be. About things that are going well and about things that need improvement. About places where I am content and about places where contentment is lacking.

Some of the answers I was good with, but I’m still chewing on a few of the questions.

If you read the quote above, and it struck a cord with you, maybe you should ask yourself these questions…

  • Am I just waiting on things to happen to me or for me, or am I actually going out there and making things happen?
  • Do I say that I want a certain set of results but then sit on the sidelines and do nothing to achieve them?
  • Do I act as though I believe the responsibility is 100% mine if I want real change, or do I keep waiting on someone else to do it for me?
  • Do I have more excuses or more ways to succeed?
  • Do I truly believe change is possible? If not – is it because I am not willing to put in the work?

Like I said, these might be some tough questions to grapple with, but in answering them, I think you may learn a lot about yourself. I know I have

In an amazing book Who Moved My Cheese?Spencer Johnson tells the tale of some characters stuck in a maze looking for cheese. At one point the cheese is gone and they aren’t sure what to do. They’ve become hungry and tired and frustrated that there is no more cheese for them.

Two characters, Hem and Haw, are debating what to do – stay in one place and change nothing, or choose to change and make strides to move forward. Hem is quite hesitant, but Haw realizes this one thing –

“If you do not change, you can become extinct.”

Do you feel like you’re becoming extinct, or are you committed to changing for a better life?

Make that choice today! Do something! See change through.

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